Northern Residents News 2013

September 17, 2013. The dead orca male found near Tofino is identified as I46, of the I31s, born in 1985.

July 9, 2013
A54, Blikhorn of the A30s was also reported with a new calf. This is her fourth calf. 

July 8, 2013
Graeme Ellis and I wanted to let you know that Springer was observed last Thursday, July 4th, off the BC central coast and she was accompanied by a new calf. Springer and her calf were travelling with the A35 matriline, part of her natal pod. Both mother and calf were looking good. At 13 years old, this is about the normal age for Springer to have her first calf (average for northern residents is 14 years, range 10 to 21).
This is great news for Springer given all she went through as an orphaned calf, her rescue in Seattle and her successful release back to the wild. Let's hope both she and her calf continue to thrive!

John Ford, Pacific Biological Station, DFO, Canada
Photo by Graeme Ellis, Pacific Biological Station, DFO, Canada

July 7,2013
Orcalab reports that the matriline A30 (Tsitika) is missing and presumed dead.  

Northern Residents News 2012

A11 Yakat found deceased near Ketchikan

A12 Scimitar and A28 Havannah are missing and presumed dead

July 24: Orcalab reports that A75 (Cedar), born 2001,  had a new baby. A75 is a member of the A30 matriline.

Northern Resident News 2011

July, 22
A85 (Codero) is travelling with the A23s choosing to specifically spend time closest to A60. This is a happy postscript to the sad reality that A51 (Nodales) and her youngest calf are probably gone. A61 (Surge) came in travelling with the A8s. So A51's little matriline has split apart with her demise.
Source: Orcalab

April 15, 2011
Northern resident baby news:
Fantome (A91), Sunday (A92), Cypress (A93), Mystery (A94), Fern (A95), Blackfly (C29), Sweeper (C30), and Naden (C31) have all exceeded their first year of life. Hooray!
Calves A96, A97, A98, D26 and I109 were all born between 2010 and now. None have survived their first year of life yet though so they remain nameless. Hopefully all five (and more) will be seen thriving this summer.
(Source: Orcanetwork)

Fun facts:
Fern is Corky at SeaWorld San Diego great niece or nephew. Though they never knew each other, Ripple (A43), Fern's Grandmother, is Corky's little sister.
Mystery is Springer's aunt or uncle. Springer's Grandma, Kelsey, (A24) is still producing healthy calves in her forties.
Rachel Palmer, B.C. Canada

January 27, The I11s visit Johnstone Strait at January 26 and 27. Orcalab spotted a new baby with I13. This is her third calf after I75, born in 1995 and died in 1998 and I108, Tatnall, born in 2005.

Southern Residents News 2011

February 2011
J1 is missing and presumed dead

Here's a photo of J1 and J2 from last October in Admiralty Inlet. The last time we got to see J1/Ruffles was November 4th in Admiralty Inlet, nearly in the same spot where we were with J pod on Sunday. We were saddened to see J2 without J1 anywhere in sight, and though we hope his big, ruffled fin will show up and surprise us all, he has not been sighted since Nov. 21st, and J2 has been seen several times without him since then.
But if J1 is indeed gone, we know his huge presence will always be felt. His genes have been passed along to many of the calves in all three pods of the Southern Resident community, who will hopefully become big, strong males with massive fins, who will follow along in his fluke prints to become legends in their own time, as Ruffles has been a legend in his~
Howard Garrett

May 29, 2011
L55 had a new calf: L118
L55 & L118, Swanson Channel May 29 by Erin Heydenreich, CWR
L55 with new calf L118, Swanson Channel, May 29, 2011
There appears to be a new calf traveling with L55(see photo above. This is a different calf from the one observed on Dec. 6th seen traveling with L5 (L117). We are tentatively calling the newest calf L118 and will confirm the number of new calves once we have had a more conclusive L pod encounter.
Photo by Erin Heydenreich, Center for Whale Research, San Juan Island
taken under MMPA permit #532-1822 and/or DFO license #2006-08/SARA-34

Center for Whale Research, San Juan Island, WA