A4 pod - A11 matriline

De matriarch of the A11 matriline is Yakat, the presumed daughter of A10. A4 pod once travelled at one group with a single matriarch A10, who died in 1983, along with her young calf A47, after being shot at the rubbing beaches in the Robson Bight.
(source Killer Whales second edition)
Yakat found deceased near Ketchikan, in Januari 2013. Yakat died at the age of 55.

Yakat's (A11) ofspring consists of Skagit (A35), a female born in 1974, Skeena (A13), a male born in 1978, A48 a female born in 1983 and died in 1996, Nahwitti (A56) a female born in 1990 who's father is R3 and in 2007 Yakat had another calf A87 which died in the same year it was born.

The calf, A87, in the A11 group disappeared mid way through last summer (2007). It was never determined clearly whether or not it was A11's or A56's calf as a calf was seen with both at different times of the year. No clear pictures were taken to prove that both were the same or different calf.
A82, Canoona was missing in 2007 and presumed dead at the age of only 3 years old.
In 2008, A35 Skagit was reported with a new calf, A90.
In 2010 Orcalab reports that A13 Skeena was missing and presumed dead. But also in 2010 A56 Nahwitty was seen with a calf, A97.

A4 Discrete calls

The repertoire of the A4 pod consists of the following 14 discrete calls: N1v, N2, N3, N4, N5i, N7i, N7ii, N8i, N9ii, N10, N11i, N12, N13, and N19

The calls N1v, N9ii, and N19 are exclusive for A4 pod.

The other 11 calls are shared with at least the A1s and A5s, except call N13 which is also made by the A5s only.
The calls N2, N4, N7i, and N10 are also made by the A1s and A5s.
The calls N3 and N12 are made by all the A clan groups.
The call N5i are also made by the A1s, A5s, Bs, Hs and I1s
The call N7ii are also made by the A1s, A5s and I1s
The cal N8i are also made by the A1s, A5s and Hs
The call N11i are also made by the A1s, A5s and Bs

Listen to the distictive calls of A4 pod


A13 Skeena M:1978
A13 Skeena

A13 Skeena
A13 has suffered some damage to the top of his fin. The recent wound is showing up white.
In 2010 A13 was missing and presumed dead.

A56 Nahwitti ?:1990
A56 Nahwitti
The father of A56 is R3


A70 Sunny F:1999

A70 Sunny


A77 Roller ?:2003

A77 Roller


A82 Canoona ?:2004-2007

A82 l


On July 14 2006, a northern resident calf was struck in Johnstone Strait. Graeme Ellis has identified A82 as the whale likely involved in the recent incident.
August 2006: A82 is being cared for by A52
Canoona was missing in 2007 and presumed dead.