Sightings of the Northwest Coast Transients around Vancouver Island in 2011

Northern Vancouver Island

Transients 2011 weergeven op een grotere kaart
Source: Orcalab

Southern Vancouver Island

Transients 2011 weergeven op een grotere kaart
Source Orca Network

Reports of  Transient sightings

T002Cs,  T010s, T011s, T014, T018, T019s, T021, T020, T023sT026sT030sT031, T036s, T037s, T046sT049As, T049Bs, T49C, T051, T054, T055s, T056T065s, T068s, T071sT073s, T075s, T077s, T085s, T086As, T087, T088T090s , T093, T099s, T100sT101s, T102, T103, T123s, T124s, T124As, T137s, T142, T143T170, T171, T185s, T186, T187

Transient News

15 May 2010, T90 satellite tagged by Cascadia Research
17 May 2010. T100s. T100D, born 2006 is missing, and a new born calf T100E.

T100E. Photo Jeanne Hyde

2 September, T14 was seen with 2 females and a calf of Campbell River (source Orcalab). The two females are identified as the T124s and T90s.
It is not clear who the mother is of the calf, which still has a very orange eye patch.

awesome Transient Orca vocalization and video provided by Jen from Campbell River Whale Watching that was recorded on Tuesday, May 17 evening when the whales were just behind Harwood Island, close to Sentry Shoal