D1 pod - D7 matriline

The matriarch D7, Kwakshua died in 2000.
Her offspring consist of D10 Winchester and D13 Cascade. Three other whales are probable born to D7: D4 born in 1958, died in 1984, D8, Balaklava and D9 Takush.
D8, Balaklava had 3 offspring and died in 2007. D12, Hakai, born in 1992; she had in 1999 a calf of her own: D20, Whisky.
The two other calves didn't surveive. D16, born in 1987 lived for only three years and died in 1990, and D18 Salal born in 1995, died in 2004.
D9 Takush had a calf in 1987: D15 Geetla. D10, Winchester has a small hole through her dorsal fin, apperantly causedby a bullet. She didn't have any offspring as far as we know.
And D13 Cascade had 2 calves, D19, Gipsy, born in 1998 and D23, Nowish born in 2005.

Discrete calls
No calls recorded

D9 can be easily confused with the female C10, as they have very similar dorsal-fin nicks, altough their saddle-patch shapes are quite different.

D9 Takush                                                                                                                                                   C10 Koeye