G1 pod - G16 matriline

After the death of G11, this matriline splits into 2 new matrilines, G16 and G31.

May 1, 2011
Thank you to Jon Scordino, Makah Tribe marine mammal biologist, and Brad Hanson of NOAA Fisheries for allowing us to share some of the  photos taken by the Makah Tribe of orcas off the NW Washington Coast on May 1st. These orcas were  identified by Dave Ellifrit from the Center for Whale Research & Graeme Ellis of Canada's Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans as G pod, from the Northern Resident Orca community. See photo below of G39, a mature male with an interesting fin.
Northern Resident bull G39, off the NW WA Coast, May 1, 2011
Photo courtesy of Makah Tribe Marine Mammal Stranding Network,
taken under NOAA permit # 781-1824-01