H1 pod - H3 matriline

H1 pod once travelled as a cohesive group, but this appeared to have changed.
H3 and her offspring have been seen on number of occasions, where as since 1993 only H5, from the other half of the pod, has been accounted for in a couple of incomplete encounters.
Source: Killer Whales Second Edition.

Since the death of the matriarch H6 and her son H2, There are 2 matrilines, H3 matriline and H5 matriline.
Altough H3 also was missing in 2003, the matriline still has her name, because of H7 who is still alive.
The matriline concist of only three members: H7 born in 1981 with his sister H8, born in 1986.
His 8 has one calf, born in 2005: H14


Discrete calls

No calls recorded
H7 was reported badly damaged in 2006. The photo's below show H7 before the accident and after.