Northern Resident News 2011

July, 22
A85 (Codero) is travelling with the A23s choosing to specifically spend time closest to A60. This is a happy postscript to the sad reality that A51 (Nodales) and her youngest calf are probably gone. A61 (Surge) came in travelling with the A8s. So A51's little matriline has split apart with her demise.
Source: Orcalab

April 15, 2011
Northern resident baby news:
Fantome (A91), Sunday (A92), Cypress (A93), Mystery (A94), Fern (A95), Blackfly (C29), Sweeper (C30), and Naden (C31) have all exceeded their first year of life. Hooray!
Calves A96, A97, A98, D26 and I109 were all born between 2010 and now. None have survived their first year of life yet though so they remain nameless. Hopefully all five (and more) will be seen thriving this summer.
(Source: Orcanetwork)

Fun facts:
Fern is Corky at SeaWorld San Diego great niece or nephew. Though they never knew each other, Ripple (A43), Fern's Grandmother, is Corky's little sister.
Mystery is Springer's aunt or uncle. Springer's Grandma, Kelsey, (A24) is still producing healthy calves in her forties.
Rachel Palmer, B.C. Canada

January 27, The I11s visit Johnstone Strait at January 26 and 27. Orcalab spotted a new baby with I13. This is her third calf after I75, born in 1995 and died in 1998 and I108, Tatnall, born in 2005.