February 11, 2011

I came across the T030's on the afternoon of February 11th east bound south of Victoria. T030A was separated a mile to the north when the rest of the group chased and killed a harbor porpoise, On my way home I found T030A two miles north of the group snacking on what smelled like a seal.
Mark Malleson, Prince of Whales, Victoria B.C.

Transient T30B chasing Harbor Porpoise
Victoria, B.C. Feb. 11, 2011
Photo by Mark Malleson

February. 11

Here's a cropped pic of the T30 family group off the Vicatoria waterfront, Friday Feb 11th at 2:15pm (see photo above). After weeks of being on land I finally got a chance to head out in a zodiac on the relatively calm water (unusual for once) to seek a much needed ' Orca 'sighting. Sure enough, those wandering Transients that seem to show up quite regularly in these waters, during the winter months, didn't disappoint! We found the T30's and they were traveling slowly east. They were also in foraging mode ! We watched the female T30 and her family members dispatch a Harbour Porpoise. Meanwhile, the big male T30A, had moved off on his own. We found him later with his own afternoon snack. As our skipper 'Mark Malleson ' stated yesterday on OrcaNetwork, it was thought a harbour seal might have been on the menu. The joys and sorrow of Nature!

Marie, Orca-Magic. Prince of Whales. Victoria

March 22,
On March 22, Mark Mallseon of Victoria, B.C. had Transient orcas T87, T88, T90's, T30's and T124's, about 12 in all, from Trial Island about 11 am, traveling east to Middle Bank, still headed toward Salmon Bank. He left them at 3:15 pm.

March 24
I spotted T103 and the T30's south of Constance Bank on March 24th. They spent the day foraging throughout the area. T103 was last seen heading south west near Race Rocks and the T30's were tracking back to the north east towards Victoria late afternoon.
Mark Malleson, Prince of Whales, Victoria, B.C.