5 feb 2011
The 11 transients in QCS on Feb.5th were the T11's, T19's and T55's, they were around Foster island @1400 heading East, thanks to Christie & Jared for the update!
Marie & Leah

01 march 2011
Jared & Christie spotted the T019's and T055's by Donegal Head this afternoon, they headed South in Weynton. This may have been who we were listening to earlier today!?!
Marie & Leah

We've got beautiful, clear Transient calls on Flower Island!
01 Mar 2011 13:09:09 PST

The Transient calls lasted for about 15 minutes before they abruptly stopped calling on Flower Island. Wonder who they were?
Leah and Marie

16 March 2011
Wow, what a great morning! We got a report of 5 transients headed East by Alert Bay at 0900 this morning. Then we spotted 5 transients, 1 male, 1 sprouter & 3 smaller fins, (most likely the same ones) heading South in Blackney. They went deep into Parson Bay, maybe having some lunch, when all of a sudden another group of 4 transients, 1male & 3 small fins, showed up mid-channel in Balckney also heading South!!! They are all out of view now still Southbound in a lose group. We have only heard one vocal so stay tuned there may be more?!!?
Marie & Leah
16 Mar 2011 10:58:58 PST

The T010's were definitely in the mix in the first group, stay tuned for other ID's...
The second group was the T55s! They had a brief meeting with a few individuals from the first group before they all headed east in Johnstone Strait, in their original groupings. They were last spotted from CP around 1220 abeam Robson Bight.

It appears that the 2 females with the T010's yesterday were T026 and T026A.

March 28, 2011,
It appears as though the 6 Orca we spotted heading South out of Baronet were the T19s and T55s We can also conclusively say that the calls heard late last night were in fact Transient calls and the calls earlier in the evening were Offshores. So, this means that it was a day filled with 2 Orca ecotypes in the area. Wow!
Leah and Marie
28 Mar 2011 13:36:12 PST