January 23, 2011
WOW, what a great morning!!! The transients were vocal on Flower for 3 hours! Then they headed South in Blackney Passage past the lab. They were moving pretty fast but our count was at least 17 orca! They went into Johnstone Strait and headed East and we heard a few faint calls. They are now at Boat Bay island still continuing East, thanks to Jim Borrowman for the update.
Marie & Leah
23 Jan 2011 11:06:04 PST

The transients that came South by the lab on January 23rd were T071's, T086A's, T087, T088, T090's, T124's. Thanks to Jared & Jim for the update!

March 22,
On March 22, Mark Mallseon of Victoria, B.C. had Transient orcas T87, T88, T90's, T30's and T124's, about 12 in all, from Trial Island about 11 am, traveling east to Middle Bank, still headed toward Salmon Bank. He left them at 3:15 pm.

April 15,2011
Graeme Ellis of Canada's Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans called in a report of his encounter with the large group of Transients in Sansum Narrows and Ladysmith Harbor, B.C. from April 15th. They had a total of about 31 orcas total, IDs include the T100s, T36s, T20 & T21, T124s, T65As T90s, T99s, T137s, T87s and T37s. They found them in Swanson Channel after we got the call from Tamar Griggs, then followed them down as they went into and back out of Ladysmith Island, and left them around 7 pm up by Yellow Pt.

April 20, 2011
Transients everywhere today (4/20)!! We saw our first whales just north of Sand Heads in the Strait of Georgia. 4 whales, I was able to ID T123 and T123A who is sprouting now and his dorsal fin is getting huge! We left that group and started heading home when we saw splashing in the the distance and as we got closer we could see breaching, tail slaps, spy hops so we were convinced it was residents but as we approached, we realized after seeing T87 that it was a large, active group of T's! (between 12-15). T87 seemed to have the top of his dorsal fin either missing or flopped over, I couldn't really tell but here is a picture of him and another of sprouting T123A.
Gary Sutton, Wild Whales Vancouver

May 9, 2011
11:00 a.m. Lime Kiln Pt. State Park, whales apx 1/4 mile from shore, 4 transient orcas were traveling up island. They made a kill in front of the lighthouse. They continued to move very slowly north. T87, T90, T90B and a calf - I'm assuming T90C (but I'm not sure). In the afternoon on Maya's Westside Charters we encountered the same whales continuing their slow travel up island. They made a 90 degree turn offshore along Henry Island and then changed direction several times. We last saw them on the west side of Haro Strait heading down. I'll post pictures on my blog.
Jeanne Hyde, San Juan Island, WA
Transient orcas T87 and T90B off San Juan Island, May 9, 2011
Photo by Jeanne Hyde, San Juan Island, WA

May 9, 2011
Dave Ellifrit, Erin Heydenreich, Mercedes Powell, and Kira Kranzler from the Center for Whale Research observed a group of transients heading north from Bellevue point. We departed Snug Harbor at 12:17pm and encountered the group of transients, containing T87, T90, T90B and T90C, just outside of Mitchell Bay at 12:27 p.m. (48° 32.60 N, 123° 10.53 W), still moving slowly north (see photo below). At 1:21pm we observed a harbor seal in the whales path. Shortly thereafter the whales were milling where the seal had been, presumably having made a kill, although we were unable to see any physical evidence. The transients continued to move slowly north until 2:19pm, when they turned and headed south west. At 2:50pm our encounter ended approximately three quarters of a mile south east of Kelp Reef, with the whales moving south west down the middle of the Straight (48° 31.85 N, 123° 12.81 W).

Transient orcas T87 with T90B in Haro Strait May 9, 2011
Photo by Dave Ellifrit, Center for Whale Research
taken under MMPA permit #532-1822

May 26, 2011
We headed north with reports of Orca up near Pender Island. By the time we were on the water about 30 minutes the next report came in that the whales were moving steadily north towards active pass. We were committed to finding Orca for our passengers so we continued on. As we reached active pass we slowed and tucked on the side as the big BC ferry came through. While we waited for it to pass we were able to spot an eagle perched at the top of the highest tree.
We came around the corner and entered the pass and were lucky enough to spot the whales. There were five transients cruising north. After a few good looks we recognized a calf in the mix along with the big male T87. We viewed the whales for about 20 minutes as they moved through the pass and turned to the west as the exited. The passengers were in awe of the whales. On the way home we stopped and saw some steller sea lions, lots of harbor seals, and a pair of bald eagles. And the sun even came out!
Mike - Naturalist, San Juan Safaris, San Juan Island, WA

May 26
T87 with 4 others (I think they were T88's but not sure) today (5/26) in Swanson Channel today heading north. Mostly just traveling but we had one that chasing something briefly, which was pretty exciting! Wonderful day and the passengers had the trip of a lifetime. Here is a picture of a calf surfacing beside another and a picture of the 4 whales T87 was traveling with (see photo below), couldn't get a saddle patch shot from the left.
Gary Sutton, Wild Whales Vancouver, Vancouver, BC

Transient orca and calf in Swanson Channel May 26, 2011
Photo by Gary Sutton, Wild Whales Vancouver

Transients in Swanson Channel May 26, by Gary Sutton
Transient orcas in Swanson Channel, B.C. May 26, 2011

Photo by Gary Sutton, Wild Whales Vancouver

May 30, 2011
Glassy calm, south Haro Strait at 1400-1500hours, 1 mile SE of Seabird/Discovery Island, Transient orcas T87 and T 88 meandering at 4knots. He has a new scar line on his right side near top of fin where the cut out is ; still pink and ragged.
Deb Martyn,naturalist for Orcas Eclipse Charter/Orcas Express

May 31, 2011
Wildlife galore today! We departed Friday Harbor with a northbound heading up into the waters of Canada, with a few gray harbor porpoises traveling with us and a silver harbor seal peering at us from the ocean. Off in the distance, we spotted five vessels off Saltspring Island, Canada. They appeared to be observing some transient killer whales. As our boat--the Sea Lion--got closer, we were able to identify a large male orca with a hooked or oddly notched dorsal fin. He was later identified as T87. Other vessels identified his companions as "the T90s," which would be T90 and a calf from 2005, T90B. We did notice a calf with the group of five and thought that because of its small size it may be a calf younger than T90B.
The pod continued to zigzag around the boats and, at times, under the boats appearing on the other side of us after four to five minute down times.
Serena, Naturalist, San Juan Safaris, San Juan Island, WA

May 31, 2011
The Transients showed up again at the north end of Haro Strait yesterday May 31st. They were traveling south when we were with them at 2pm. We had T 87 with his distinct notch out of the trailing edge of his dorsal fin and a sweet little baby T 090C (picture heavily cropped to show notch of T 87 and the young Orca.) Always awesome to watch these wonderful marine mammals.
Marie 'Orca-Magic', Prince of Whales, Victoria B.C.

T87 and friends, May 31st in Haro Strait, Marie O'Shaughnessy
Transient orca T87 and T90C, Haro Strait, May 31, 2011
Photo by Marie O'Shaughnessy, Prince of Whales, Victoria, B.C.

May 31, 2011
Following up on a sighting of 1 whale in Active Pass, we located 5 transient orcas southbound in Swanson Channel at approximately 1230 today (5/31). The group was ID'ed as T87, T124A1, and the 3 T90's (see photo below). The group was traveling slowly, against the inbound tide, and were possibly resting. We left them at 1330, still traveling generally south.
Joan Lopez, Naturalist, Vancouver Whale Watch

Transients in Swanson Channel May 31st by Joan Lopez
Transient orcas T87, T124A1, and T90s, Swanson Channel, May 31, 2011
Photo by Joan Lopez, Vancouver Whale Watch

June 1, 2011
Transient orcas T87, T90s, and T124A1s today, 6/1, near Race Rocks, BC. between 2:30 and 3:30. They were having a great time (see photo below)! They usually don't act like residents, but they were yesterday. We spent an hour watching them move into the 6 kt. flood tide and they didn't move.
Capt. Jim Maya, Maya's Westside Charters, San Juan Island, WA

Transients breaching off Race Rocks, BC June 1st by Jim Maya
Transient orcas breaching off Race Rocks, B.C. June 1, 2011
Photo by Capt. Jim Maya, Maya's West Side Charters, San Juan Isl.