January 23, 2011
WOW, what a great morning!!! The transients were vocal on Flower for 3 hours! Then they headed South in Blackney Passage past the lab. They were moving pretty fast but our count was at least 17 orca! They went into Johnstone Strait and headed East and we heard a few faint calls. They are now at Boat Bay island still continuing East, thanks to Jim Borrowman for the update.
Marie & Leah
23 Jan 2011 11:06:04 PST

The transients that came South by the lab on January 23rd were T071's, T086A's, T087, T088, T090's, T124's. Thanks to Jared & Jim for the update!

March 22,
On March 22, Mark Mallseon of Victoria, B.C. had Transient orcas T87, T88, T90's, T30's and T124's, about 12 in all, from Trial Island about 11 am, traveling east to Middle Bank, still headed toward Salmon Bank. He left them at 3:15 pm.

May 26
T87 with 4 others (I think they were T88's but not sure) today (5/26) in Swanson Channel today heading north. Mostly just traveling but we had one that chasing something briefly, which was pretty exciting! Wonderful day and the passengers had the trip of a lifetime. Here is a picture of a calf surfacing beside another and a picture of the 4 whales T87 was traveling with (see photo below), couldn't get a saddle patch shot from the left.
Gary Sutton, Wild Whales Vancouver, Vancouver, BC

Transient orca and calf in Swanson Channel May 26, 2011
Photo by Gary Sutton, Wild Whales Vancouver

Transients in Swanson Channel May 26, by Gary Sutton
Transient orcas in Swanson Channel, B.C. May 26, 2011
Photo by Gary Sutton, Wild Whales Vancouver

May 30, 2011
Glassy calm, south Haro Strait at 1400-1500hours, 1 mile SE of Seabird/Discovery Island, Transient orcas T87 and T 88 meandering at 4knots. He has a new scar line on his right side near top of fin where the cut out is ; still pink and ragged.
Deb Martyn,naturalist for Orcas Eclipse Charter/Orcas Express